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Just need to vent my frustrations about Namesecure! January 24, 2008

Filed under: misc — WannaSmile @ 5:28 pm

So, I started the process of changing my domain name from a Namesecure server to Bluehost on the 20th. What is so ridiculous is that even though I’ve approved everything, Namesecure is making it next to impossible for me to work through this process smoothly. Not to mention, they have no phone support!!! You can only contact them via email, which they then contact you back in about 48 hours via friggin’ email. How efficient is that? I’m so upset about this whole thing right now because I feel like I’ve let you, the reader, down. My goal is to create a site that will be able to change with me, which is why I’ve had to change servers as I will eventually have a wordpress.org site versus the hosted wordpress.com site. If only I knew then what I know now…

 Thanks to all of my readers for understanding, and I apologize that you’ve been a week without silly pictures and videos:) Hopefully, tomorrow everything will be up and running the way it should be. Until then my friends….


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