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Tha dog jus’ farted. She’s not too happy bout’ it. January 15, 2008

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Hilarious submission Miss M.!

Source: http://hamilton.co.nz/images/1162.jpg


Is dis’ a wolf in kitteh’s clothing? Homeboy is skerd. January 10, 2008

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Source: a reader sent this one in, but I’m pretty sure its from www.icanhascheezburger.com


This just makes me smile:)

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Such a cool photo! It’s like they love one another…

Source: www.novaksblog.com


Hop…hop…hop…while I chomp…chomp…chomp! January 8, 2008

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This is the cuteness.


Oh beluga, how i loves u. January 6, 2008

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Source: reader


The very definition of “precious” exists within this photo… January 5, 2008

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Source: Kaca;)


No more typing plz, i wants some more attention… January 4, 2008

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Source: Kristina D. (thnx!)