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Zoom zoom….. January 25, 2008

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Cute lil’ obstacle course;) January 24, 2008

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Thanks Miss M.!


I’m guessing this dog’s name is Myrtle? January 18, 2008

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They dressed the pupper like she’s an older lady, chillaxing on da’ beach if Florida !

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Dis’ is not only a new hair-don’t, but it’s a face-lift as well…puppeh’s face looks a lil’ tight. January 17, 2008

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“A Miniature Poodle is seen at the Japan Dog Festival in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, December 22, 2007.REUTERS/Issei Kato (JAPAN)

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Latest fashion victim…

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Poor puppeh, had no idea what it was in for…

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You ladies wanna bevy from da’ beer cart? January 14, 2008

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This pupper is tewtally mackin’ on those fyne ladies…

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Only real dawgs wear cheese…

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Dis lil’ guy is a hardcore fan…I would not wanna mess with him!
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